• Retailers want conversations, not forms

  • October 31, 2017

Our Go-To-Market team is dedicated to developing an outbound strategy, evolving the way we work, and focusing on the verticals that give us the highest chance to win. As we obsess over these initiatives, we’ve become 100% committed to making our prospect to customer journey consistent.

Assessing our current state

A huge part of this evaluation is lowering barriers for our prospective customers. I looked at what we were doing that did not align with our future strategy. The biggest red flag was website forms. I learned quickly that retailers don’t want to fill out forms and wait for someone to call them back. They want real-time feedback. They want conversations.

How we plan to create value for retailers

We are in the process of eliminating forms. I know, I know, the marketers reading this post are cringing at the sound of this. I’ve been asked questions like, “then how are they going to capture leads?” My response is that we are done playing the capture game and we are focused on playing the conversation game.

We’ve found a platform called Drift that is helping us through this transition. Drift and RICS’ GTM team share in the same enemy, the website form. We are piloting Drift with Jason Becker our CEO as the guinea pig. We’ve learned a lot in less than 2 weeks and know we are going to learn a lot more.

Here is a response we received from Laryssa Martinovich from RICS’ customer Front Runner Athletics in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

“I am more of a fan of chat functions than anything else! Working in a running shoe store it’s highly unlikely that a customer won’t interrupt a phone call, etc. The chat allows me to get my questions answered while still taking care of other things (during our chat I have sold a pair of shoes, accessories, and answered 4 phone calls…to put it into perspective).”

The average RICS customer moves fast and we need to run alongside them when they have questions or need help. We are setting those expectations with the rest of the market and will continue to identify ways to enhance our prospect journey. It starts with conversations.

Join the conversation. Click here to Chat with Jason.

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