• How We’ll Build Stronger Relationships Between Brands & Retailers

  • December 14, 2017

Prior to joining RICS, I was a merchant; a buyer, planner, merchandiser, and an executive.

You name it, I did it or led it.

You know those endless hours scanning through product catalogs? Yep, did it.

Typing all the exact same product data from those catalogs into my worksheets? Did this too.

Manually entering the style information into our system so I could generate purchase orders? Check and check.

Then came quarterly business reviews with the Brands and more speed bumps. How were we going to fix an inventory problem that had been out of hand for so long? How could we chase into the product that has no availability?   If we were constantly looking in the rearview mirror, how could we see the opportunities in front of us?

I found myself thinking there had to be a more efficient way.

Now there is, and it’s called brand connectivity.

My new life is completely submerged in solving the problems retailers deal with daily.

So, what is brand connectivity?

Brand Connectivity is RICS’ vision for enabling brands and retailers to collaborate.  It consists of 4 pillars:

1. Product Data

2. Store Data

3. Order Automation

4. Market Intelligence

Our goal is to drive profits, align strategies, and save time for retailers and brands.  Here’s how we’ll start: speak a common language and communicate in real-time.

The language is a Universal Product Catalog.

By creating a Universal Product Catalog, we’re centralizing all the brands’ product information. This means everything you will need lives in one place.

Real-time communication means you have the insights you need in the moment to drive decision-making.  Creating this flow of information will encourage transparency and open communication.

Once retailers use the Universal Product Catalog, RICS will be able to automate ordering as well as provide marketplace trends.

It’s an easier and smarter way to operate.  The product catalog is the foundation.

I’m so excited to introduce our first step towards Brand Connectivity: RICS Formatted Product Catalogs.  This is also the first step in building a Universal Product Catalog. So, if you are tired of asking yourself “where is the ‘easy’ button?” or “how can I save more time?” then please, check out these catalogs in the RICS Help Center.

Start making a difference in your day…brand connectivity is here and growing! We’d love to hear your feedback and talk to you more about our vision.

Click here to see our current list of RICS Formatted Product Catalogs.

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About Amber Vanes

Amber is squarely focused on creating a more efficient world for Retailers and Brands through the RICS initiative of Brand Connectivity. After completing an Ironman and multiple marathons including Boston, Amber lives by the philosophy “It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” When she is not building relationships and connecting the best Retailers and Brands, she enjoys training for endurance adventures with her husband, spending time with their three spirited daughters, and cheering on the Indiana Hoosiers.