• Our 2018 Resolution: Confront the Top 5 Retail Enemies

  • January 4, 2018

Confession time 

We did several webinars last year. We hosted them and people attended. The numbers were good, but I realized our content process was bad. A majority of the time, we sat in a room and made up topics that we thought mattered to retailers.

I’ve never sold running shoes or managed inventory. I’m a marketer. I know how to promote these webinars, but as I reflect on last year’s work we need to develop a more helpful content strategy in 2018. So, this means taking a new approach as we begin the creation of our next webinar series (kicking off this month!).

Our new strategy in 2018 relies on feedback from you, the retailer.

I saw the light when I started working with individuals at RICS (many of whom were former retailers) on the new story that we wanted to share with the market. We spent a lot of time discussing retail enemies. We got together in small groups to develop a new narrative that better aligns with retailers’ needs.

Now, I’m determined to align our new content plan around these problems standing in retailers’ way every day.

As my team developed the Q4 plan, Katherine (Demand Gen Manager) said, “We should do a series based on the problems retailers are currently fighting.”

My reaction: a tip of the cap to WWE legend Daniel Bryan,“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Top 5 Retail Enemies

1. Unsold Inventory

Retailers either have too much, too little, inaccurate, or none at all. This is a problem because it’s like watching cash sitting on their shelves.

2. Cash Flow

I’ve never met a retailer that didn’t need more or want more cash. They’re always trying to find new paths to profit.

3. Bad Systems

Many retailers have old, costly, unreliable, and ineffective technology. Changing can seem like a nightmare when ringing sales are what matters most.

4. People Issues

Retailers are constantly dealing with staff turnover, training struggles, bad performance, and theft. Finding ways to restore accountability is a priority, but not easy.

5. No Time

There’s hardly any work-life balance when you’re responsible for doing the books, managing a dozen or so people, marketing, and making sales. Being pulled in a million directions makes it impossible to stay focused.

We’re going to focus every day at RICS on helping retailers solve these 5 enemies.

Our audience is in the game of making more money and these enemies get in the way of that primary objective. However, they aren’t all one-size fits all and there are several more that can affect the day-to-day productivity of retail operators. That’s why we are here to get your feedback.

As the leader of the marketing side at RICS, I’m dedicated to creating content that is meaningful and will help retailers as the landscape continues to evolve.

We’re done playing the guessing game on what topics matter most to our audience.

We need your feedback to be more helpful in 2018.

Are these the enemies that you’d like RICS  to address in 20-30 minute webinars this year? What are some other issues that are keeping you up at night?

Click here to share your webinar topic Ideas for our upcoming series.

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