• 4 Ways Subscription POS is a Competitive Advantage

  • August 25, 2017

A licensed POS means you pay for the software up-front and can use it until it is no longer supported. The benefit of this model is a one-time fee, but subscription free doesn’t always mean no monthly costs. The lack of upgrades, the support costs, and the high upfront costs of expanding while using a licensed software can hold you back. This gives competitors with subscription POS software a real advantage.


Here are the 4 ways subscription software is a competitive advantage:

1. Your software is always updated.

With a software license you paid up front, but when a newer version is created your provider will expect you to purchase the software again. Retail and technology are constantly changing, so don’t get trapped paying repeatedly for updates. It’s important to find a provider that evolves with you. With a subscription POS, you’ll never have to pay for an upgrade again because they’re included! This means more money in your pocket to invest back into your business and beat out your competitors.

2. You have access to unlimited support.

Nothing takes more time than software issues. When your POS isn’t working, you need support. With a licensed solution, you’re faced with taking the time to figure out the problem on your own or calling support and getting hit with a support fee. So, in both scenarios, you lose valuable time and money!

Customers of subscription  POS solutions have access to unlimited support daily. Customers can also take advantage of on-site training and consultation. This is all included in the subscription!

“The monthly subscription, regular updates, and support are major advantages.”Tami Butts, Tri-N-Run

3. You get ongoing education.

When you don’t know how to accomplish something, you need training. With a subscription solution, you have access to constant education and training by your provider because it’s included in your subscription. This allows you to stay competitive.

“the very best independent retailers… are committed to be always moving forward. They recognize that there is always room for developing new skills and refining others.” – Paul Erickson, SVP of RMSA

4. Lower upfront cost when you expand.

If you want to open a new store, on a licensed solution you are faced with the high upfront cost of repurchasing your solution for your new location. Subscription POS models offer lower upfront costs and expand with you as your business grows.

“You have to invest in your business, work it, and operate it, and that requires ongoing resources that you don’t necessarily have. Handling these challenges requires taking advantage of opportunities that companies like RICS present. Buying Software as a Service makes sense.” – Bob Kennedy, The Running Company


As mentioned above, POS and inventory management solution should help you stay competitive in today’s retail landscape. Don’t get stuck in a costly, licensed solution that prevents your business’ growth.

For more tips on How To Choose a POS that helps with business growth, download our free guide.

“People hate change initially, but when you can see that it’s better it makes it all worth it.” – Brian Jones, Playmakers


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