• 3 Tips for Hosting a Spring Event

  • April 26, 2017

The weather is finally nicer, it is staying lighter longer, and everyone is getting outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Now is also the time of year your customers do their spring and summer shopping, looking for the newest products. A spring sale is a great way to capture the available money being spent by consumers while showcasing your products and the customer experience your store is known for. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Invite your Customers: Use your customer list to invite loyal customers to your spring event with a special coupon or entice customers who haven’t visited in more than 6 months with an incentive to return to the store. Make the coupon or invitation specific to your customer segments (2-4 customer groups is ideal) and invite them to your event. If you have not already done so, now is a good time to consider a Frequent Buyer program to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Merchandise your Product: Analyze your product’s performance to understand what products sold well last year, which ones are stale on your shelves, and which ones will sell no matter what. From there, arrange your merchandise accordingly: move the stale product to a prominent display or out onto the sidewalk. Stock up on well performing products before your event. Or even consider moving your core products to the back of the store so your customers have to walk past other products first to find what you already know they will purchase.
  • Utilize an additional POS: Long lines are discouraging, so enable a temporary POS to get through a spring sale or just a couple of busy months to ring out customers quicker. This will reduce tension and frustration in the store, providing a more pleasant shopping experience. It will also allow you to sell more in less time.

At RICS, we are committed to helping you prepare for a special event or everyday operations. For more information on how to execute any of the above tactics for your next event, please contact us at help@ricssoftware.com

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