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Point of Sale

From desktop POS to eCommerce, our cloud-based, real-time solution helps you save time, market better, and sell more.


Accurate data management allows you to execute successful inventory control and maximize profit with data-driven buying.


Get the exact data you need in real time to analyze, adjust and improve performance to increase profits.


Easily connect RICS to other software applications so your business is able to run at its most efficient.

Support You Can Count On

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Our onboarding team gives one on one training that gets you and your team prepared for go-live day.


7 day a week, 9AM to 9PM ET access to dedicated support so you can run your business worry-free.

Successful Retailers Trust RICS

New Balance
Fleet Feet Sports
The Fitted Foot
Halloween Express
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“We can be more ruthless with inventory since using RICS because I can see which ones
are making me money. The ability to see turns by item, class, etc. is very powerful.”

– Andy Tesane, Owner, Two Bostons

“Luckily with the help of RICS and everything we’ve developed
together over the past couple years, we are at a huge advantage.”

– Holly Bowling, COO, Halloween Express
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“They give us exactly what we need to do our ordering.”

–Terry Nichalson, Manager, The Fitted Foot
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“RICS really gives you the capability to increase profitability because
you can closely monitor turns and other performance indicators.”

– Linda Shikany, Owner, Marigold Clothing

Inventory Management Best Practices

Learn about the inventory management best practices that will help you become a better retailer.


POS and Inventory Control

Your POS and inventory management software should work together to save time and make more money.

RICS Case Study-Three Rivers Running Company

Three Rivers Running Case Study

Three Rivers Running uses RICS to help improve their inventory, sales, and customer management.


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