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Point of Sale

Standard and Mobile POS options to ring sales, manage employee hours and capture customer data.


Accurate data management empowers you to analyze your retail organization’s success and make informed decisions.


Robust reporting features allow you to create dashboards and analyze data meaningful to your business.


Easily connect RICS to other software applications that make it easier for you to run your business.

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“We can be more ruthless with inventory since using RICS because I can see which ones
are making me money. The ability to see turns by item, class, etc. is very powerful.”

– Andy Tesane, Owner, Two Bostons

“Luckily with the help of RICS and everything we’ve developed
together over the past couple years, we are at a huge advantage.”

– Holly Bowling, COO, Halloween Express
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“They give us exactly what we need to do our ordering.”

–Terry Nichalson, Manager, The Fitted Foot
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“RICS really gives you the capability to increase profitability because
you can closely monitor turns and other performance indicators.”

– Linda Shikany, Owner, Marigold Clothing
Why Inventory Management Matters

Why Inventory Management Matters

Almost 25% of inventory management costs could be eliminated or reduced by simply rethinking your strategy.

Get Ready for EMV Infographic

Get Ready for EMV

Retailers who accept credit cards will need to be ready for a new set of payment security rules.

Tri-N-Run Case Study

Tri-N-Run Case Study

Learn how Tri-N-Run uses RICS reporting to analyze and make decisions using data collected from their store.


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